Data analysis is a multi-faceted process that involves among other things inspection, cleaning, and modeling of data in a view to coming up with findings that can inform proper decision-making. Data analysis is a crucial component of any research work. In the world of business, proper data analysis can help decision-makers to predict client trends and behaviors, project future risks and opportunities, and spur growth in their organizations.

EssayLoop offers a platform through which clients with basic to complex data analysis problems can engage with experts with the ultimate goal of finding workable solutions. Some of the software that we use for data analysis include R, Stata, SPSS, MS Excel, GeoDa, EViews, and SAS. We deliver all our services at affordable rates and in a timely manner.

A significant number of our clients have problems with data collation. Some of the hurdles emanate from poorly designed questionnaires. We are cognizant of the importance of an effective questionnaire. The framing of questions in this research instrument is salient; not to mention the order in which the questions are administered. Our team of experts are always available and willing to assist our clients in order to declutter questionnaires and arrange questions in a chronological manner. This ensures that the data collated is precise and in line with the research objectives.

In this era, hard-copy questionnaires are fast becoming tedious and expensive to administer. To keep up with the current trends, EssayLoop has trained its team of experts in the area of questionnaire digitization. We use among other applications the KoBoToolbox to facilitate the deployment of questionnaires and the administration of the same either using a PC or a smart phone.

Our team of experts also conduct pre-data analysis activities such as data organization, cleaning, and evaluation of missing values. Lastly, EssayLoop writing services offer post-data analysis services such as post-hoc analysis and comprehensive report writing.