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University of South Florida Conceptual and Technical Compositions Art Presentation

University of South Florida Conceptual and Technical Compositions Art Presentation

Watch the video tutorial in order to complete this interactive exercise. Once you have finished watching the video, download the attached PowerPoint slide,  complete the exercise and then upload the completed slide to this drobox. Also attach a brief written description of what you attempted to accomplish with your composition... 

Attached is the PowerPoint slide you will need to download and a transcript of the video tutorial.  Please save file as either PowerPoint or PDF.  Do not save as Keynote!2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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Welcome to the graded, interactive portion of this module. Since we have been learning about the elements and principles of twodimensional design, it is important to understand the basics of creating a strong composition. In this exercise, you will be creating your own two dimensional composition that shows movement from the left to the top right of the picture plane. The picture plane is the area, or in our case the Power Point slide, in which a two dimensional composition is created. Please use the provided shapes- Circle, Triangle, and Square, to create this composition. This first exercise is going to be completed in greyscale, as we have yet to learn about how to use color in our compositions. Please keep the shapes the same shade that I have given you- Triangle is black, square is middle grey, circle is light grey. You may change the scale of the shapes, as well as rotate them. You may also overlap shapes, and adjust them front to back (Layer) to help make your composition more effective. If you are unsure if your composition is effectively drawing the viewer’s eye from left to top right, please refer to your text, as well as conducting some online research. Once you have created your composition, please save the Power Point slide as a JPEG file, and upload it to the appropriate dropbox. Please download the power point slide to your computer. Once the file is downloaded, please open the file. Here you will see the three shapes, the black triangle, middle Grey Square, and light grey circle. To move a shape, double click on that shape and click and drag the same on the picture plane. To adjust the size of that shape, hold the shift key to constrain the proportions and click and drag the corner to make it larger or smaller. You can rotate the shape by clicking on the green circle above the shape, and rotating the shape. You can also adjust the layering of objects by double clicking on the shape, then clicking “arrange”, then move forward, or more backwards. To make more of a shape, use the copy and paste function on your computer- on a Windows computer this would be Control C and Control V, on a Mac it is Command C and Command V. Remember, our goal is to create a composition that shows movement from the left side to the top right of the picture plane.
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