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San Diego State University Art Hunting for Images Part 4 Project

San Diego State University Art Hunting for Images Part 4 Project

Hunting for Images Part 4

Chapter 2.6 - 2.10: 

I have created a new list of 10 important terms from this weeks readings. Post the image, with the term, and a one sentence explanation of why you chose it. I need you to capture an image for each word. Once you have captured an image for each term.

The terms for this week are:

  • Representational Photographic Image
  • Abstract Photographic Image
  • Ceramics (art/craft object)
  • Glass (art/craft object)
  • Wood  (art/craft object)
  • Computer Generated Imagery
  • Computer Generated Animation (Still is ok)
  • Typography
  • Logo
  • Installation Art

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1) Contour lines: 1.1 pg 46 This is an example of contour lines because you can see that the butterfly in the picture isnt fully connected with the lines but the details are defined in the butterflies wings with the lines giving it more of a realistic look. Leaf, or hand 2) Implied Line: pg47 This is an example of implied line because you can see in the photo of the deer the antlers arnt exactly drawn out with perfect lines but with leaves and other strokes making it show as the deers antlers. 3) Geometric form pg.55 This is an example of geometric shapes because you can clearly see the mirrors are shaped as circles which are regular lines and shapes. 4) Organic form pg.55 This is an example of organic form because the flowers and shapes in the photo are made up of unpredictable, irregular lines but shows a realistic representation of the

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