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Assam Engineering Institute Mark Bradford an American Artist Biography

Assam Engineering Institute Mark Bradford an American Artist Biography

Project Description

Students will work individually or in groups of maximum 4 to research an artist, his

beginnings, history, style and present 4 different examples of his/her artwork that is produced after the year 1980. Students will describe each artwork and analyze it, then write a summery or conclusion.

Students will follow proper referencing in APA style were they also have to add proper referencing under pictures and do in-text citation along with a final reference list in the end of the research.

Project RequirementsResearch has to be done and submitted using Microsoft word document.The research will be submitted through e-learning only (not email).Research due date 24th December 2020-16:00. System will closes and no more

submissions will be allowed.Only two attempts of substation are allowed.Only one member of the group will upload to eLearning.20% is the maximum allowed percentage of copying; more than 20% will get a ZERO.Font Size 14 for titles.Font size 12 for text.Minimum 1100 words.Introduction at least two pages.Proper referencing is very important (APA style only).

Research should include - 1 - Cover PageStudent’s full names and ID.Research title. (Artist’s Name)Academic year and semester. (Fall 2020-21)Don’t write the teachers name on your research

- 2 - Research introduction (two pages minimum) The Artists informationName.Artist photo.Date of birth.Place of birth and nationality.

Explanation & Answer length: 1100 Words5 attachmentsSlide 1 of 5

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Kinga Nowak Artist’s The Name of students: -Hind Ali Suleiman Alshukaili / ID: 2019106085 -Hajar Nasser Ali Alsaidi / ID: 2019106075 Course: Fall 2020-2021 Art Analysis Name: Kinga Nowak Date of Birth: Born in 1977 Birth Place: Krakow Nationality: Polish The personal life of the artist is hardly known as she is known to keep it to herself. Additionally, her impact to the art community is too significant that her personal life is never

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