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ARTD 6208 UL The Male Gaze and The Oppositional Gaze Essay

ARTD 6208 UL The Male Gaze and The Oppositional Gaze Essay

The topic for the essay can be based on one of the lecture topics that has raised questions or issues that particularly interest you and want to research in more depth. OR. A topic that has arisen from your own research or studio practice that can be explored further within the context of visual culture. For example as a Fashion Management student you may be interested in researching a particular fashion brand or recent trend in relation to a broader social or visual culture context. Design or Fine Art students may wish to explore issues that have arisen in your studio practice and research and which can be explored in more depth.

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ARTD6208 Visual Culture Handbook 2020/21 SEMESTER 2 WEEKLY TEACHING PLAN Fridays Online on Blackboard Collaborate 10am -12pm BST Session Date 1 11.06.21 2 18.06.21 3 25.06.21 4 02.07.21 5 09.07.21 6 16.07.21 7 23.07.21 8 30.07.21 9 06.08.21 10 13.08.21 Introductory Session. General introduction to the module. What is visual Culture? On Being Seen & Not Being Seen: Surveillance We will be discussing surveillance and the relationship between seeing and power. We will explore the roots of modern surveillance in the 18th Century via Foucault’s use of Bentham’s panopticon. To what extent is this model still applicable? The Male Gaze and the Oppositional Gaze More on the relationship between looking and power. We will be discussing the idea of voyeurism and the power of the gaze through an analysis of the opening sequence of the film Peeping

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