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ARH 2000 California Beauty College Hallucinogenic Toreador Museum Report

ARH 2000 California Beauty College Hallucinogenic Toreador Museum Report

I attached detailed instruction. It explains everything you need to know.

The report must written in 3 parts, I. Formal Analysis , II. Discussion of Medium, III. Interpretation

Note: You must address ALL the prompts below each the 3 parts within your essay, but your response need not be organized in the exact order given. Your paper must include proper introductory and concluding paragraphs.

Must use MLA guidelines and proofread.

Art : The Hallucinogenic Toreador

Formal elements and principles of design are attached with the files. Note : its extremely important to use them when writing the report and in depth.

Museum : The Dali museum (
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ARH2000 Art & Culture Museum Report, Part ONE 15 points / 15% of final grade Submit your essay via the link provided in CANVAS Your work will be checked via TurnItIn, the University’s plagiarism detection service. The Museum Report is a process paper, to be completed in two (2) stages. These are instructions for Part One. Feedback will be provided before you complete Part Two. You will be expected to utilize that feedback before making revisions for Part Two, due later in the course. For this assignment, you will visit a virtual art museum and engage in a formal analysis of a selected artwork, considering the work as primary source. By formal analysis, I am asking you to consider the artwork’s visual attributes as they relate to the formal elements and principles of design (listed on page 41). In addition to the visual elements, you

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