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ARH 1000 Rio Salado College Two Sisters Terrace and The Old Guitarist Art Comparison

ARH 1000 Rio Salado College Two Sisters Terrace and The Old Guitarist Art Comparison

Perform an Internet search and explore two or more websites featuring painters' works. (A keyword search using the words visual+arts+painting will result in a multitude of sites.) Choose TWO PAINTINGS (each from a different artist) that, in your estimation, stand out above the others. Do not use paintings from the text for this assignment! It is highly suggested that you explore museum sites to guarantee the reputability of paintings selected.

  1. In an essay format and in your own words, compare and contrast both paintings in terms of the history, medium, technique, and a number of elements (and/or principles)of design of your choice that you have learned about thus far in this course. For example, what specific colors, shapes, and patterns are used? Make sure that you name and briefly define the elements and/or principles of design.
  2. Next, provide your own objective analysis of whether you believe each painting is skillful or unskillful.
  3. Then explain whether or not each painting appeals to you andwhy. Do you like or dislike what you see?
  4. Last, attach images of the two painting examples used in your analysis to your electronic transmission. Also include the exact URLs (Uniform Resource Locators)/Web addresses for both works (e.g.:

The following links may assist you in your search.

Musée d'Orsay

Smithsonian Online Collections

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Virtual Visit: Musée du Louvre

The Art Institute of Chicago

Please review the following helpful link for Essay Expectations to assist you in the completion of this assignment.

Essay ExpectationsPDF

Explanation & Answer length: 4 pages

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