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Term Papers

Term Papers

Definition of a Term Paper

As a college student, you are likely going to encounter a term paper during your college life. As the name suggests, a term paper is just a normal research paper that is submitted at the end of a given academic semester or term.  Term papers are usually given by Professors to evaluate whether students understood the concepts that were taught during that term. That a term paper requires a student to do deep research about the assigned topic cannot be gainsaid.  In order to score well, a student must ensure that his/her concepts are written in a clear and concise manner. In addition, the student must be analytical in their presentation of ideas as this demonstrates that they have understood the course concepts.

Writing an Excellent Term Paper 

 In order to ensure that your term paper ticks all boxes, you should ensure that you must, first of all, identify a good topic for your research.  Although some Professors give students topics of research, a good number leaves students to come up with their own topics. If your professor has not given you a topic to write on, try researching on the internet and books in order to find a good topic for your term paper.  You should choose a topic that fascinates you so that you can have an easy time while doing it. After you have selected the topic, you should now consider the number of pages required for your paper. This will enable you to know whether you have enough content for completing the order. You should thereafter gather the necessary academic references that you will use for writing your paper.  Please note that Wikipedia and social blogs are not considered scholarly.

Do I have to write an Outline for a Term Paper?

This question pops up very often because a good number of students are confused on whether to include an outline in their term papers or not. The truth of the matter is that an outline is important when writing a term paper as it enables the Professor know the structure of your paper. Although some Professors have a specified form of structure to be followed when writing an outline, the following structure is widely preferred:

  • Introduction- Give a small introduction of the topic
  • Background Literature-Give a literature review of the topic
  • Results- What are the findings of the research?
  • Discussion-Discuss the results
  • Conclusions-Conclude the discussion
  • References

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