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Equal Employment Laws and the Selection Process Paper Assignment Help

Equal Employment Laws and the Selection Process Paper Assignment Help

Chapter 6 Discussion on Interviews

Original response due Wednesday of Week 6

Peer responses due Friday of Week 6

25 points

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to understand equal employment laws and the selection process.

Skills: As a result of completing this assignment, you will learn to collaborate effectively

with others to share information. You will practice written communication and responding to

peer’s in a professional manner.

Knowledge: Students will gain knowledge of selection issues in the hospitality industry.

Task: In order to complete this assignment you will execute the following. Answer the following questions:

1. Briefly discuss and give four (4) common interviewing mistakes managers may make.

• Provide at least two references. This does not include the textbook! Be sure to put the reference information in your posting.

• Minimum of 400-500 words for original response.

• Post your original comments to the discussion questions with your last name in the subject heading by Wednesday at 10:00 pm.

After Tuesday at 10:00 pm read each of your peer’s postings.

• You will be automatically assigned 5 peers. Respond to at least 2 peers regarding their discussion on interview mistakes addressing the following question: What

recommendations would you give for avoiding 2 of the 4 interviewing mistakes

reported by your peers?

o Prepare a response of a minimum of 100-150 words to at least two peers. o Post comments to at least two other student’s postings by Friday night by 10:00


o Provide at least one reference other than the textbook to support your answers to your responses!

o Be sure to put the reference information in your posting using APA formatting.

Criteria for Success: A successful assignment will have the following characteristics:

• Your last name is in the subject line of your original posting.

• You are required to respond to at least 2 fellow classmates this week. o This is what active learning is all about.

• A critical evaluation of the peer postings you are responding to. o You add information to the postings you respond to. o Posting your agreement is not adding to the discussion. o You cite one additional reference to support your response to the discussion

questions and your peer responses. The textbook is not an additional reference.

The minimum information that must be included in the citation is the following:

▪ If printed or electronic journal article: Title of Article, Title of Journal, Date and Issue number (if available).

▪ If web site: Title of article or company and website address.

• Sources will be cited the end of your discussion using APA format.

• Articles, podcasts, or videos may not be older than 2012.

• Students do not begin reading the answers until after Wednesday at 10 pm – so you have the opportunity to read all postings.

• Notes to posting on the discussion board: o You may use a word processor to complete the discussion before posting in

Learn. Then copy and paste the information into the discussion board.

o Do not attach the file to the discussion area. o It is nearly impossible for the class members and for me to keep up with reading

each posting if we have to download attached files.

• Proper grammar, spelling, and professional language are used.

• Late assignments are not accepted.

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