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Discussion Posts

Discussion Posts

Definition of a Discussion Post

The 21st century has witnessed tremendous innovation in Information Technology (IT). These changes have in one way or another changed the manner in which human beings conduct their activities.  One of the areas that have been impacted by IT is education. In the current times, a good number of classes are conducted online through zoom, skype, and other applications. In order to ensure that there is participation, Professors resort to class postings. Discussion posts usually have two parts. In the first part, student discusses the topic that was covered in class. Having done this, the student then critiques the discussion of a fellow student.

Tips of Writing an Outstanding Discussion Post

In order to write an excellent discussion post, you must first of all begin with reading the class materials that were covered in class.  By doing this, a student is able to familiarize themselves with the content and as such, will have an easy time discussing what he/she learnt in class. A student should then familiarize himself/herself with the instructions that have been given by the Professor. These would include matters like the formatting style, the number of words required, the type of discussion post-is it a reflection, comparative, or argumentative? In addition, a student should check the grading rubric issued by the Professor in order to know the grading points. A student should then start off his discussion by giving strong arguments that will capture the attention of his/her classmates.  You should remain relevant throughout the discussion in order to ensure a reader does not lose interest while reading your discussion.  After you are done with the paper, ensure that it is well proofread in order to eliminate grammatical mistakes.

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